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Short Summary

Hi, I'm Jags. I like to say I'm an idiot with a camera but you can think of me as a generalist of a lot of things. I like making cool videos, powerlifting, baking bread, 3D Animation, Motion graphics and a lot more. 

I didn't go to school for art but people generally say I'm creative...whatever that means. In college, I studied economics and earned a degree from California State University, Long Beach. During that time, I was certainly a math nerd that spent most of my class time watching tutorials on After Effects. ​

Saying I'm self-taught is a bit of a lie. I spend a lot of time reading and learning from online courses. To say I'm self-taught would disregard all the amazing mentor's I've had through the years. There are too many to mention so I'll say that I'm a culmination of random skills from my favorite teachers, books, online courses and Youtube videos.


While I didn't go to art school, I enjoy learning and mastering my craft. This led me to start making video content for brands. Some of the work I'm most proud of is my collaborations with UltraPro Intl. where I was able to create Magic The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons related product commercials. 


Today, I most identify as a solo-prenuer even though I find that term cringy. Depending on the scale of a project, I will size up a team or operate as a solo artist to create content. This ranges from quick social media ads and youtube videos to brand launches and crowd funding campaigns. I like what I do a lot. It brings me the most joy sharing that with my friends. 


Check Out My Youtube Channel

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