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UltraPro SATIN TOWER Product Trailer

UltraPro Satin Tower Product Trailer-low.gif


This evergreen product by UltraPro intl. features their satin tower line. Coming in 12 different colors, the goal of this project was to make the deckbox feel like a premium experience. 

Reference material included pulling inspiration from Make Up and Technology commercials, we created a spot to feel premium for the hobby and tabletop industry.

Pre-Vis & Storyboarding: Jon "Jags" NeePREPREpRE

3D Modeling & Texturing: Bri Ecklund

Animation & Rendering: Jon "Jags" Nee

Project Specs

Modeled in Maya

Animated and Textured in Cinema4d

Rendered in Redshift

Final Output in Adobe After Effects

Satin-Tower_Thumbnails (1).png
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